About Matrixator

Connecting You to Investment Education Firms

At Matrixator, our dedication lies in connecting investment enthusiasts and those with even the remotest interest in investments with education firms that are specialized in teaching them about investment opportunities and ways to try and improve their decision making skills.

We reaffirm the age-old adage that “knowledge is power.” So, we have developed a keen focus on making investment knowledge accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world.

Meet the Matrixator Team

We are investment enthusiasts ourselves. We started out as regular people fascinated by the concept of possible value preservation. Then we started piecing together materials and resources to learn about investments. It’s a hecking experience that was made possible by our collective efforts. We realize that not everyone can pull that collective effort, so we started Matrixator to make these resources, materials, and learning opportunities accessible to everyone.

The Driving Force Behind Matrixator and Our Team

We are driven by the sheer desire to make the world a better and happier place. Investments are one the few ways to try and preserve value and our individual and collective goals. However, with inadequate understanding of how investments work, people will make grave mistakes. So, we are consistently making available the required information to try and hopefully avoid those mistakes.